Ed Sheeran – Drunk (Doctor P Remix)


The UK dubstep DJ Doctor P, also known as Shaun Brockhurst, brings another unbelievably hard hitting remix. This time he plays his magic on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Drunk’, twisting the original soft track into a complete banger with an incredible build up that drops into filthy, crusty bass to stomp your stereo! If you’re already a Doctor P fan you’ll notice how different this track is from Continue Reading

Approaching Nirvana – Monster


Approaching Nirvana are definitely aiming for world-domination with tracks like ‘Monster’ that is as dangerous as it is excellent. Sam and Andrew prove yet again that they are the masters of their domain. This song wages war on your ears sonically — and it’s a losing battle. You just can’t resist thumping your feet to this beat. The bass spoils you, making your knees weak and Continue Reading

Daft Punk – Instant Crush ft Julian Casablancas


Part of Daft Punk’s fourth studio album “Random Access Memories”, this song hit number 58 in the Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Songs of 2013 list. Instant crush gives you a touch of the Eighties Disco with mix electronic beats. You just cant help but bob your head to the jam. Julian Casablancas’ vocals are pretty hard to understand due the robotic editing but the lyrics are actually Continue Reading

Digital Click – Nothing Yet

no face

So we tried hard enough to get more on these ‘digital click’ guys but since it is an exclusive track it was difficult to get our hands on some information. They need to be more out in the open because they sure do deserve limelight for their amazing new track “NOTHING YET”. I hope you all agree with me on this one but all of us Continue Reading

Gamper & Dadoni – The La La La Remix (ft. DNKR)

You know we all love those songs – the songs that get stuck right up inside your head in a wonderful way that leaves you humming them around (much to the peril of those you live with). And of course, if you’re scouring the pages of BassForLunch, we know you love the particular breed of music that has an oomph factor to it. Sadly though, often Continue Reading

MNSLTR – Gamma (Original Mix)


Today’s share is the second submission from MNSLTR. a dubstep producer from France. He was previously featured on the blog with his track titled ‘Kaiju‘. Since last time, MNSLTR has further improved, and this track serves as an evidence to his growing skill-set. The track drops at 0:42, and stays true to the gritty synths incorporated into mainstream dubstep. Released about 2 weeks ago, the track has Continue Reading

Dirtyphonics – Hanging On Me Feat. Liela Moss (Radio Edit)


Vocals by Liela Moss mixed by Dirtyphonics, this track is a package of bass filled energy! While the melodic voice of Moss takes you into a labyrinth of rhythm, those five talented men from France hypnotize you with a stellar use of heavy bassline and drawn out wubbs. This bass piece showcases all the characteristics of a well-blended dub track; it has powerful, haunting and hypnotic Continue Reading